Fly Ash Brick Machine Manufacturers

The coimbatoreengineeringenterprises Launched the new Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine with twin power operating for reducing man power in Construction Company. In Our Fly Ash Brick Machine we have a tendency to generator with high electrical saving power five stars from electrical organization. Once our client began to commixture the material to form ash bricks such of ash, lime, mineral and sand area unit exceeded it offer data concerning material.

Motorized pan mixer with gear box- This half consists of serious rollers that are useful in grinding the materials for giving the output. Belt conveyor- this can be coated with nylon used for the transfer of materials.

coimbatore Fly Ash Brick Machine:-

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Cycle time 15 to 20 second, Hyd pressure 140 to 200 bar, Hyd oil tank capacity 500 litters.

coimbatore Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine :-

Automatic fly ash brick machine is available with mainframe hydraulic pressing - controlled by imported power pack system, Crompton greaves motors, Vickers valves pumps 500 Ltrs capacity, Hydraulic oil tank operated by PLC control panel

Fly Ash Brick Machine Salient Features

The Conveyor belts square measure obtainable in varied configurations and designed particularly for transporting the one circulation Fly Ash Bricks at the time from the Fly Ash Brick Machine.

Our foreign Belt Conveyor System is quick, way and versatile.

Belt conveyor system is factory-made victimization quality stuff and is unreal supportedinternational commonplace. This belt conveyor system is offered with 2Hp 1440Rpm Krilosker motor, foreign gear box system. This product is obtainable at market leading worth.